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  • Since its inauguration 24 years ago, the mission of the “Taiwan Ceramics Award” is to draw inspiration from the past, enrich the present and create the future. The biannual award witnesses the development of Taiwan’s ceramic arts and promotes our local artists amongst the international community. In 2021, 121 artworks from 66 artists were submitted to compete for the “Excellence,” “Creative,” “Functional” and “Emerging Artist” prize categories. In the end, five artists were awarded the prizes, creating yet another page in the contemporary history of Taiwanese ceramics.

    First Excellence Award Winner: Acknowledging the Best in the Ceramic Field
    Our inaugural “Excellence” prize is awarded to Yungshu Hsu, who is no stranger to the international arts community. Master Hsu, having won the first place of the eighth “International Ceramics Competition” in Mino, Japan, was elected an Honorary Member of UNESCO’s International Academy of Ceramics in 2018. A regular participant of national exhibitions, including the Taiwan Ceramics Biennale, Hsu thrills both art lovers and critics alike with his unlimited artistic energy.
    Hsu only works with his bare hand. Through the coiling technique, Hsu builds up his piece by repeatedly thickening the clay form, turning the single item into a large space that prompts thoughts and reflection of spatial dynamics. Hsu’s exploration of form and space earns him the praise and recognition of the ceramic community. This year, we offer a full retrospect of Hsu’s exceptional career and dedication to ceramics as an art form.

    Creative Award: Environmental Issues Should not be Overlooked
    Grand prize winner, Christine Yi-ting Wang has earned her B.F.A. (Studio Arts) from University of Texas at Austin and M.F.A. (Ceramic Art) from Kyoto City University of Arts. Her fascination of animal skeletal structure was kindled by the attendance of an anatomy workshop, in which she was in close contact with the intricate animal remains.
    In Pantropical Spotted Dolphins - the Death and Rebirth of Fossils, Wang features the fossils of flora and fauna of several kind. All become extinct due to human activities. However, the flora and fauna come back to live, through the organics growing on the fossils.

    Art and Function Finds Balance, and Emerging Artists shows Depth
    Grand prize winner for the functional award, Weichien Huang was trained at NCYU’s Visual Arts Graduate Program. Her work “I hear the music afar” is in the form of a guitar and ukulele, carrying the landscape of a pottery factory. That landscape forms the background of her memory as an artist-in-residence in an Indonesian village. The instruments will bring back the music afar, allowing one to live the memory once more.
    The two “Emerging Artists” use ceramics as the media to interpret the contemporary cultural materials. Youyu Ding, who was trained as an industrial designer at National Taiwan University of Arts, brings our attention to the reading of ceremonial objects. In “The Evolved,” Ding offers an alternative interpretation of these objects in a contemporary context, urging us to view them as information carriers in a non-traditional “text.” Shao-ying Chen, another emerging artist, focused on the practical aspects of ceramic arts as a graduate student at the National Tainan University of the Arts. Her “ False Kamani” is a dreamy landscape created through pictorial narrative and sculpture. The dream, in fact, is a series of disconnected, real-life events.

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    2021 Taiwan Ceramics Award

  • New Taipei City is a melting pot of communities from all over Taiwan and overseas migrants. The City is committed to the practice and promotion of equality and multiculturalism.
    In our Multicultural Festival this year, we want you to “Mix Together!” WE want you to explore the diverse cultures of our city and to give everyone an opportunity to express and share. We want our diverse cultures to mingle and mix.
    Our cultural landscape is created upon the “mixing” of different culture, heritage and ideas. The festival will be a great opportunity to showcase our multiculturalism in an entertaining and relaxing manner. The festival is inaugurated by “The Romance of Shiva,” showcasing traditional Indian dance and theatrical performance, as well as cultural displays and experiential workshops. In our “Musical party across the globe,” you will party with the first-class performers from all over the world! We will, of course, bring our ever-popular multicultural market and experiential workshops, allowing different stories and ideas to flow and mingle.
    During the festival, all public cultural organizations will offer a series of programs including day trips, special exhibitions, book fairs and related workshops. Please check our website for more information.

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    Now Until 04/30
    Cultural Affairs Department, New Taipei City Government

  • In 2022, we celebrate the 160 years since the opening of the Tamsui Port. Moreover, the year also marks the 150th anniversary of George MacKay’s arrival. To celebrate these significant events. Tamsui Heritage Museum invites everyone to pay our historical town a visit and appreciate the remarkable history of our town!
    Our first programs include outdoor theater, cultural day trip and souvenir giveaway!
    Our outdoor theater “Happy 1862” captures the excitement of the year 1862, when Tamsui Port and Customs Office were established. The show, which incorporates storytelling, theater, drumming, music and puppetry, is a collaboration between our local Sun Son Theatre and the Heritage Museum. We will reenact this remarkable history at the Tamsui Customs Wharf at 4:30pm, every weekend in April.
    The “Cultural Day Trip” comprises two main routes, including “The Golden Age of Tamsui Port” and “The Journey of George Mackay.” Combining the “I Left My Heart in Tamsui” festival, we will bring different programs every month.
    Want to have more fun and compete for our souvenir giveaway? You will find the opportunity in Fort San Domingo, Tamsui Customs Wharf, Douglas Lapraik & Co. Building and Tamsui Customs Officer’s Residence (Little White House).
    Check our website for more information of “I Left My Heart in Tamsui.”

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    Now Until July
    Tamsui Historical Museum, New Taipei City

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