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  • 2021 New Taipei City Children’s Art Festival – Hello! Monsters

    ●Hooray! The Monsters have a Theme Song!
    We are now in September and the monsters are as competitive on the arena as ever! This month we are meeting two new friends for the first time. We have the “Kitty Fish,” a new monster designed by our young audience that was voted the most popular las year. Our second friend“Klique” is crazy about taking photos and will be responsible for capturing the memorable moments of his monster friends on the arena.
    We have a theme song for the first time! It has a catchy melody and an easy dance movement, which will surely turn everyone into a superstar! This year, we have launched the special “Dance your way out” program. Why not work on your imagination and create your very own monster dance routine? All you need to do is to upload the video to your Facebook or Instagram pages and tag the New Taipei City Cultural Bureau, then you will enter our prize draw!

    ●We are here to Color your Weekend!
    This year, we will take you to our marvel grassland, which can only be visited in another space and time. We have cultivated all corners of the grassland with colorful new monsters, which are specifically created for us by renowned artists. All of themhave unique stories to tell. In Cheerleading Dinosaurs, Lee Wen-Cheng has brought to us a dinosaur family that uplifts the spirit of our monster contestants. In Huang Jian-Huan’s Light in the Air, the illuminous lollipops brighten and color our night, making the nocturnal sky a playground of your imagination.
    Our weekend performance programs are ending
    soon. On September 10 th we will present Prince Snow by Puppet & Its Double. On September 17 th , Acrobat Taiwan will bring to us Circuit Rhapsody. Don’t miss out on the last of our spectacular weekend specials!

    ●We are open 24/7!
    This year, our monster stars have new identifies for this art festival. Yes, they are now the spokespeople of eight of our galleries and museums. Our monster stars will bring all kind of fun videos, unique DIY classes and game series to our online platform, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Now, you can exercise your mind and body in your comfortable home!
    We have also moved our “Monster’s Tournament” online. This year, we have created ten interactive online AR programs, each program features a monster star. You will get to meet the “Super
    Athletic” monster Dancia, the “Baseball Home Run” monster Clay and the “All Knowledgeable” monster Bookie. Our online experience will stimulate your mind and senses and is suitable to players of all ages.
    Do you miss our annual masquerade? We do too! We miss seeing the lovely faces of our friends. But don’t despair, we will meet you online and continue our fun this year! In 2021, we have two themes for our masquerade, including “My Special Monster” and “Cosplay Party.” You will get to join our masquerade team once you upload your special character online. What’s more, we will have a masque-superade on September 25 th . Don’t miss out!

    ●2021 New Taipei City Children’s Art Festival – Hello! Monsters
    .Now Until 10/31

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