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  • 2021 New Taipei City Student Film Awards

    Stars Shining in New Taipei City

    For many years, the New Taipei City Government is dedicated to sponsoring and promoting video arts. The City launched the “New Taipei City Student Film Awards” in 2016, providing financial rewards to our committed young artists and filmmakers. More than 2000 artists have participated in the award since its inauguration. Their works comprise drama, documentary, animation and experimental film. Our program has provided strong incentives for budding artists and assist them to travel further on their creative journey, uncovering more hidden stories in and for our city.

    In 2017, the city established the “New Taipei Spirit Award” to create an opportunity for artists and viewer to explore what might be the unique visual imagery that can represent the New Taipei City? While the Award is administered by the New Taipei City, artists who are based outside of the region are also encouraged to apply, as long as their work implies the spiritual concept of New Taipei City. The jury will selects artworks that are representative of the city from a wide range of topics, which include (but not limited to): significant figures, life stories and films focusing on the City’s unique cultural and natural landscapes and history. All award winners in the past have epitomized the rich and diverse character of the city.

    A Search for the New Taipei Spirit

    The 2019 “New Taipei Spirit Award” was awarded to director Stephen Lin’s Eight Immortals. This documentary focuses on French pupils of the master puppeteer Li Tien-lu. The pupils immersed themselves with Master Li’s puppet skills and promoted the theater to an international platform. This documentary successfully captures the unique cultural significance of puppet theater for Taiwan, France and above all, the New Taipei City.

    In 2020, students and alumni of Shuang-Xi High School coproduced On the Waterside, earning the team the “New Taipei Spirit Award” of the year. The story is based on the life experience of Lin Zi-di, who serves as both actor and scriptwriter of this film. Having been born in a Taiwanese and Vietnamese family, Lin’s story revolves around the marginalization of migrant communities, and of her journey to recognizing her Vietnamese heritage, which she has inherited through her mother. This heartfelt story, combined with New Taipei’s unique natural scenery, is exemplary of the rich cultural identities of the city.

    Now in 2021, what kind of New Taipei spirit will be unearthed by our young artists? As a city with a population of 4 million people, what other inspirations can artists find? We can’t wait to find out! We have invited students from all schools, who are passionate in video art, to capture the spirit of our city with their lens!

    Paving the Foundation for Your First Film

    Our prize money is rated the highest amongst all student film awards across Taiwan. Apart from the “New Taipei Spirit Award”, we offer awards of more than 20 prizes, totaling NTD 1.5 million, including the first prize “Super New Star” award with a NTD 400,000, “Best Film Award (All Categories)” and “Excellence Award.” We are eager to invite all student artists to unleash their creativity and reach for the stars!

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