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  • This year, the Lin Family Mansion and Garden has upgraded their light and shadow and bring out the light sculpture version 3.0. This extended, 15-minute show incorporates light sculptures at the Evergreen Pavilion and the Good Harvest Salon, the Jade Pavilion and the Square Seal Library.
    We will immerse the entire garden in the stellar brilliance that illuminates your vision, hearing and touch, fully capturing the architectural beauty and uniqueness of the Garden.

    New Lights Gives the Garden a New Face

    In the Evergreen Pavilion, we feature Dancing Light, Flowing Light. This work is a collaboration between renowned Taiwanese audiovisual artist Yeh Ting-hao and ChillProduction. This show is a tour-de-force of “laser” and “point cloud” and also employs cutting-edge lighting techniques, that comprises four major sections: “Beginning,” “New Life,” “Present” and “Future.”
    In our 2022 New Year’s Day closing program, we will feature the mesmerizing performance of “OnePlay Short Ensemble.” Their excellent sublime repertoire, in conjunction with the light arts, will highlight the visual and cultural prominence of the historic Garden. This show is not to be missed!

    Bodily Senses, Sound Arts, Kinetic Sculptures

    In the Good Harvest Salon, the Garden Promenade is set in the scenic landscape of the Lin’s Garden. The work, which fully relies on the interaction with its viewers, will transform the bodily movements of the audience into a moving “organic sculpture.” The work is a tribute to the Garden as an intersection between nature and humanity.
    In Square Seal Library, the French audiovisual artist Yannick Dauby captures the audio environment of the Garden through his sonographic installation The Bordering Sound.
    You are also invited to a kinetic flower show in the Jade Pavilion. The work, Lightimage: Gardenscape, is a blooming flower garden constructed with five color LED screens. You will get to view the process in all angles.

    Let’s Solve these Historical Mysteries

    The Lin’s Family Mansions and Garden collaborates with Pop World to developed our own exclusive real escape game, “Solving the Mysteries – The Glimmering Banquet.” This immersive, 200-minute game will be conducted in traditional costumes, the first of its kind in Taiwan. All story leads are interconnected and unexpected. You’ll get to dictate how your story is going to end!

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    The Poetic Melody of Light: 2021 Light Art Exhibition
    Now Until 2022/01/01
    The Lin Family Mansion and Garden

  • Tamsui is known for its historic streetscape, bayside sunset, delicious local dishes and Fort San Domingo. As a former fortress, the town is heavily embellished by historical remnants of various community groups as well as recent development. The town dazzles its visitors with historical beauty and contemporary landscape.
    We are committed in making everyone’s visit to Tamsui special and unique. As part of our event, we have selected the landmark Douglas Lapraik & Co. building to be the venue of our special historical exhibition, The Secret Code of Tamsui: A Historical Exhibition.
    Walking into our exhibition, the visitor will encounter the digital walkway that provides a introduction to Tamsui’s history. The hanging numbering, plus the circular table in the center, categorizes the historical period of Tamsui into five episodes, including “Motive,” “Envy,” “Rising,” “Reform” and “Change.”
    These five episodes cover the history from the Shisanghang culture 1800 years ago, the rise of the western power, to the reform and change under the Qing Dynasty and Japanese Colonial period. These transformed Tamsui into a special fortress town in the northern Taiwan.
    This exhibition is based on the concept of encryption. All numberings featured in the exhibition are closely connected with history, business and economic activities of Douglas Lapraik & Co as well as Tamsui. Here, you will be decoding all the secrets hidden in Tamsui’s past.
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    Douglas Lapraik & Co.

  • The Austronesian languages are one of most widely spoken language in the world. Given the varied natural environments in which the speakers live, the languages are also associated with diverse local cultures.
    In this exhibition, the New Taipei City Shisanghang Museum focuses on the traditional Austronesian diet from a cultural anthropological perspective. The show aims to provide a comprehensive survey on the traditional Austronesian economic activities and food culture through the aspects of their agriculture, hunting and gathering, fishing and cattle breeding.
    Agriculture:The development and migration of the Austronesian communities were closely connected with rice farming, developing a completely different agricultural style.
    Hunting and gathering: Apart from agriculture, the Austronesian livelihood also heavily depends on hunting and gathering. The knowledge system and customs developed from these activities, which encourages one to respect nature, still exist in the contemporary Austronesian lives and culture.
    Fishing: The majority of Austronesians are island residents and fishes are an important food source. Traditionally they used net sinkers and fishing traps to fish in the fresh water, but changed to fishing hooks once they settled in the pacific islands.
    Cattle breeding: The Austronesians developed comprehensive skills on cattle breading since prehistoric time. These cattle followed with them to Australasia and continued to serve as a source of meat to the communities.
    Apart from our onsite exhibition, we also offer “Online Exhibition” and “Interactive Games” online. Get a taste of Austronesian cuisine culture through our events.

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    Now Until 2022/09/25
    Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology

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