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  • In the year of the tiger, let’s celebrate the festival season and have fun with our cultural programs. Can’t travel overseas? Not a problem! Our rich cultural collection and natural beauty will reinvigorate your body and mind!

    ◆◆Growling Tigers are here to bring you luck!◆◆
    All New Taipei City museums and cultural institutions will keep their doors open throughout the festive season. In addition to our cultural programs, we have launched our limited edition “Year of the Tiger” gift box set for all family and friends. Our “Tiger” calendars will feature the New Taipei City’s “camellia” and design, coupled with our New Taipei City Museum card, fragrance oil and special tea bag set. You are welcome to pay us a visit and check it out!
    A good year also means a healthy year. In the year of the Tiger, we invite you to practice the tiger-style Kungfu in our museums and take photo with our tiger figures. By uploading the photo, you will get a chance to receive our unique red pockets.

    ◆◆Calligraphy and Hands-on Workshop◆◆
    Couplets and calligraphy are an important feature of the festive season. On January 15th, 16th and 23rd, the Tamsui Historical Museum will give away fifty sets of couplets by calligraphers per day. Also on January 23rd, The Lin Family Mansion and Garden will also invite master calligraphers to exercise their brush in the Dingjingtang. We pass out 100 couplets to celebrate the New Year.
    On January 22nd, Yingge Ceramics Museum will get ready for a screen printing workshop in the afternoon. You will get to try out screen printing couplets. On January 5th to 8th the Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology will also launch its couplet and “Mask of Fortune” DIY workshops. On Jan 6th, the Shou-Rang Hall in Wugu will give you an opportunity to make your own fragrant sachets and paper windmills. In Lin’s Family Mansion and Gardens, you will have the opportunity to participate Ms. Lin’s lantern-making workshop on Jan. 7th, and the “Artistic Garden” 3D card-making activity on Jan 8th.

    ◆◆Tiger v.s. Tiger, it’s all in the Theater◆◆
    From Jan. 5th to 8th of the Spring Festival, the Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology will launch the “Tiger v.s. Tiger” theater program. Children’s theater, acrobat artists and music ensembles will take turn to dazzle you. From Jan. 5th to 7th of the New Year Festival, Yingge Ceramics Museum will turn their Ceramics Stage into an acrobat theater. On Jan. 4th, the Gold Museum will invite Jiqing Elementary School’s lion dance team to captivate you with their vibrancy. The Shenping Theater, will also be screening the classical opera “Phoenix Egg” for your entertainment.
    On the morning of Jan. 4th, the Lin Garden and Mansions will feature the energetic performance of the Taiwan Lion Dance Organization. Also on Jan. 4th and 5th, the Muning Studio will bring an amusing afternoon through their humorous crosstalk. On Jan. 6th, classical music will embellish the entire garden with melodious beauty. From Jan. 4th and onwards, the Sanchong Air Force Military kindred Village No.1 will feature tap dance and lion dance performances, filling your festival season with arts and culture!

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  • Lee Shi-Chi was a towering figure of contemporary arts. He was innovative and experimental, making him one of the most influential artists in the history of contemporary Taiwanese arts in the Post-war era. As we approach the third anniversary of Master Lee’s passing, New Taipei City Cultural Affairs Bureau collaborated with the New Taipei City Art Museum’s Preparatory Office to launch this exhibition. The exhibition has been coordinated by Master Lee’s widow and daughter, Ms. Gu Yue and Ms. Lee Tian-Xin, and is curated by Professor Hsiao Chong-Ray. This is a tribute to Master Lee’s extraordinary career and his dedication to artistic creation.
    Master Lee’s works are refined by classical Eastern tradition and twentieth-century Western philosophy. Lee’s body of works range from ink, abstract calligraphy, painting, combined media to even installation arts. Lee also collaborated with contemporary poets and developed his signature style through breaking the boundaries of media, techniques and subjects. This approach to artworks earned him countless prizes and recognition from the international community. The term, ‘color-bird artist’ was coined by the contemporary art world to describe his unique style.
    In order to provide a comprehensive perspective of Master Lee’s work, the New Taipei City Cultural Affairs Bureau allocated two separate venues for this exhibition, one in Xinzhuang Cultural Arts Center and the other in New Taipei City Arts Center. We are also taking the exhibition online for you to see it from all 360° angles. There also will be multiple workshops and programs during weekends for you to participate, taking you through the dazzling world of Master Lee.

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    .Xinzhuang Cultural Arts Center, New Taipei City Arts Center

  • In 2022, Fuzhong 15 decides to focus on the theme “Changing.” We would like to highlight the recent development of digital media and technology. Through media, artists capture the changes that has occurred in our environment. The incorporation of “diverse film practices” and introducing technology art enables us to understand the recent change in digital arts, and the changes in our relationship with nature, with the broader community. This exhibition provides a new perspective to the contemporary world. Here, the artists use the traditional media to capture the nature, and the digital technology to emulate the nature. Our three greatest highlights include:
    In Algal Reef, Yannick Dauby documents Taiwan’s underwater flora and fauna and the change of their environment.
    In the “Natural Protection Project” series, Fablab Dynamic campaigns for the innovative projects that can meet the society’s needs while allowing the local communities to develop.
    In Forest with Water Sound, noiseKitchen Art Co.,Ltd. emulates the natural environment through machines and interactive devices. You will be surprised by this artificial “nature.”
    This exhibition has taken into consideration of United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We invite artists who share our mission and explore their innovation and creation via digital media and tools. We want to emphasize the importance of sustainability and SDGs. In collaboration we will achieve a “sustainable and visionary future.”

       ◎   ◎   ◎   ◎

    .Fuzhong 15

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