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  • Marching towards the Year of Ox – 2021 New Taipei City Cultural Programs

    During this Spring Festival holiday, New Taipei City is once again will bring us the ever popular “Spring Culture” program series. All the New Taipei City museums and galleries will remain open with endless celebrations and activities. All museums will serve as the base of our five specifically designed “cultural walks,” inviting our guests to pair up and visit our cultural institutions during the festival seasons, checking-in the natural and cultural sceneries of each
    cultural route. The Cultural Affairs Bureau will select fifty lucky participants for their limited souvenirs.

    Spring Couplets and Red Envelopes
    In the afternoons of February 6th and 7th, calligraphers will put their brushes to work at the Tamsui Historical Museum and The Lin Family Mansion and Garden, giving away fresh spring couplets. Artists-in-residence will deliver onsite workshops, helping you to make a heritage red envelope. The Cultural Affairs Bureau will be giving away a limited amount of the Year-of-Ox red
    envelopes at all galleries and museums. Moreover, in the afternoon of January 30th, the “Silkscreen Printing Fun” team will be delivering experiential workshops at the Yingge Ceramics Museum, making mini couplets for you to enjoy. From February 13th to 16th of the Spring Festival, Shisanghang Museum of Archaeology will run the “Silk Screen Greetings” program. You will have the opportunity to produce your own customized coasters and notebooks. In FZ Fifteen Animation and Story Gallery, our guests will be able to produce hand-drawn animations, bringing the running oxen to life! Starting from February 16th, artists-in-residence at the 435 Art Zone will roll up their sleeves and design a series of postcards for the future. Our guests are welcome to write and send a postcard to yourself in 2022!

    Memorable Ox Year Souvenirs for Fans
    On the first day of the New Year, the Yingge Ceramics Museum and the Shisanghang Museum of Archaeology will give away exquisite Year-of-Ox souvenirs to the first 168 enthusiastic visitors at their doors. The Sanchong Air Force Military kindred Village No. 1 will also have a limited number of the “Village No. 1 Limited Grab Bags” for you to take home! During February 13th to 16th of the Spring Festival, you will be able to take home our limited gift pack by visiting the special exhibitions at the Gold Museum, or through collecting three Tamsui Historical Museum
    stamps. From February 1st to 5th, the Tamsui Historical Museum will additionally launch its Spring Festival special event: “The Lucky Ox – Facebook Giveaway.”

    Good Programs for a Good Ox Year
    February 14th of the Spring Festival coincides with Valentine’s Day. The Yingge Ceramics Museum will invite the Tamsui violinist/adventurer Crystal to mesmerize you with her soothing yet romantic melody. On February 15th, Papi Bucket will bring us the joyous rhythm. Mr. Banana arrive on February 16th will be here with his balloon magic to entertain you! Every afternoon from February 13th to 16th of the Festival, the Shisanghang Museum of Archaeology’s “Shisanghang Special Theater” will take place in its Whale Back Sand Dune Square. The Gold Museum will also invite musicians and balloon artists to bring endless fun and laughter during February 13th to16th. The Shengping Theater will also showcase the traditional Taiwanese opera, taking you back to your cherished childhood memories. The Lin Family Mansion and Gardens will commence the festival with the long anticipated lion dance. On February 13th to 14th, Yi-ching master will explain our fortune for the coming year. Also starting from February 13th, the Sanchong Air Force Military kindred Village No. 1 will launch a series of activities, including magic and juggling shows, retro dance programs, the dragon and lion dance and the Village
    No. 1 Theater films. Let’s celebrate the Spring Festival in New Taipei City and welcome the 2021 Year of the Ox together.

    Marching towards the Year of Ox – 2021 New Taipei City Cultural Programs
    The New Taipei City Museum Family and Art and
    Cultural Institutions

  • Geo-Museum: The Shui-Jin-Jiu Geopark Exhibition

    Geo-Museum: The Shui-Jin-Jiu Geopark Exhibition
    The Jiufen, Jinguashi and Shuinandong region --- commonly referred to as the Shui-jin-jiu area --- is best described as an outdoor museum, showcasing the precious geological heritage. This exhibition, which highlights the abundant geoheritage in the Shui-jin-jiu area by the concept of geopark, is our first step in making here “a geo-museum”.

    Date 01/08-05/30
    Venue Gold Museum, New Taipei City Government

    No. 8, Jinguang Road, Ruifang District, New Taipei City
    09:30-17:00 (Closed on the first Monday of each month)
    Taipei-Jinguashi: Taking bus route 1062 at the Exit 2 of Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT Station via Jiufen and get off at Jinguashi.

  • 2020Tawian Ceramics Biennale

    The 2020 Taiwan Ceramics Biennale has selected 109 pieces of contemporary artworks from the ceramic studios from every corner of the globe. These works are inspired by stories across the world and created with all kind of clay, glaze and firing techniques. They accurately depict and reflect a variety of social realities. The interaction between hands and clay is an expressive thinking process in a world of rapid change.

    Date Now Until 05/09
    Venue New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum

    No. 200, Wenhua Road, Yingge District, New Taipei City
    09:30-17:00 (Closed on the first Monday of each month)

    Take a commuter train to Yingge train station, the museum is a 10-minute walk from the Wenhua Rd. exit.

  • Time Treasure of Black Tea

    This exhibition analyses the origin and life of black tea with a poetic approach. It evaluates how black tea has been brought to the West, and hence became a popular beverage across the globe. We explore the golden age of Taiwan’s black tea trade, taking you through a journey on how the tea has changed the social lives across the world.

    Date Now Until 11/08
    Venue Pinglin Tea Museum of New Taipei City

    No.19-1, Shuisongqikeng, Pinglin Dist., New Taipei City
    09:00-17:00 (Closed on the first Monday of each month)

    Take the MRT to Xindian Station. Transfer onto the Xindian Bus Service, and take the 923 or Green 12 (G12). Get off at the stop for Pinglin Junior High School. The Museum is a 5-minute walk away.

  • Tasting 1884 – Learning How to Cook Online with Creativity

    New Taipei Tamsui Historical Museum’s “Tasting 1884 – Learning How to Cook Online with Creativity” is the first to present an online cooking class based on history. The class program has developed “six creative recipes” according to historical facts and will teach it through its special online course, as well as campus and DIY workshops.

    Date Now
    Venue Fort San Domingo

    No. 1, Ln. 28, Zhongzheng Rd., Tamsui Dist., New Taipei
    09:30-17:30(Closed on the first Monday of each month)

    MRT Tamsui station is the terminal station. Once you arrive, you can take buses R26, 836 or 857 to Fort San Domingo


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