Brochures in English

  • Xinzhuang Culture and Arts Center- A headquarter of cultural preservation and promotion

    O ur building has a facade constructed mainly with red brick, embellished by light green and grey tiles. The building design comprises both rectilinear and circular forms. It is a multifunctional arts center whose space caters to a wide variety of activities. Our spaces include concert hall, arts space, periodical room, reading room, and Taiwanese puppetry heritage center, providing a wide array of arts and cultural access to our users.
    Date Now
    Venue Xinzhuang Cultural Arts Center
    No. 133, Zhongping Rd., Xinzhuang Dist., New Taipei City
    09:00-17:30(Closed on the first Monday of each month)
    Take “Nangang Exhibition Hall–Yongning” line and get off at Xinpu Station. Then, take bus No. 805 or Blue No. 18 at MRT exit No. 5 and get off the bus at the “Xintai Swimming Pool” Stop.

  • Recollecting Hakka – A Tribute to Fifteen Years of Achievement

    In celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of the New Taipei City Hakka Cultural Center, we have invited talented artists who had worked with us in the past to hold a series of exhibition and cultural programs. Let’s celebrate the rich Hakka culture!
    Date Now Until 10/25
    Venue Hakka Museum New Taipei City Government
    No. 239, Longen Street, Sanxia District, New Taipei City
    09:00-17:00 (Closed on the first Monday of each month)
    MRT → get off at Yongning station (Blue line), then take Taipei Bus No. 917, get off at Dingpu station (Blue line), then take Taipei Bus No. 981.

  • “A Day Listening to Folk Songs in the Military Kindred Village” Art Collection Exhibition

    This exhibition celebrates “The Story of Time: 45 years of Campus Life in School” and invites you to the residence area of the historic Sanchong Air Force Military Kindred Village No. 1, to see the cultural relics of the past. By using a wide range of objects, this show presents the remarkable story spanning over forty-five years of folk songs to take you back to the golden era of these memorable melodies.
    Date 07/18-11/01
    Venue Sanchong Air Force Military Kindred Village No. 1
    Ln. 86, Zhengyi S. Rd., Sanchong Dist., New Taipei City
    10:00-18:00 (Closed on the first Monday of each month)
    Take the "Zhonghe Xinlu Line - Luzhou Line" and get off at "St Ignatius High School Station" or "Sanhe Junior High School". Transfer to Bus No. 221 or 306 to get off at "the end of Zhenyi South Road"

  • The New Taipei City Yong’An Arts Center is back!

    After a month-long refurbishing work, the New Taipei City Yong’an Arts Center is reopening afresh as the latest Arts Center in our City. We will bring you more high-quality exhibitions, providing you more choices for art and recreations.
    Date Now
    Venue New Taipei City Yong 'An Arts Center
    2F., No. 390, Zhonghe Rd., Zhonghe Dist., New Taipei City
    11:00-19:00(Closed on the first Monday of each month)
    Take the MRT Orange Line and get off at Yongan Market Station.

  • Once upon a time in Utopia – Chang Ting-ya's Printmaking Solo Exhibition

    The artist transforms her solitude into idyllic natural landscapes, expressing her quest into an ideal inner world. Through human hands, her free and nomadic life has evolved into a friendly escape from daily chaos, finding peace in daily life.
    Date 08/18-08/30
    Venue 435 Art Zone
    No. 435, Zhongzheng Rd., Banqiao Dist., New Taipei City
    09:00-17:00(Closed on the first Monday of each month)
    Take the MRT Blue Line and get off at Banqiao Station. Leave the station from Exit 2 and transfer to the Bus No. 310, 307, 810, 857 or 786 and get off at "Banqiao Junior High School, Banqiao 435 Art Zone."。


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