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  • Travel with a Book in New Taipei City

    Are you bored staying at home? Are you worried about the crowds, yet unsure where to go for a short outing?
    This year, New Taipei City Library has organized a series of activities that inspire you to “Travel with a book.” We have invited writers, local historians and businesses to partner with us, and designed numerous activities that involve both reading and guided tours on the City’s culture and history landmarks, plus natural environment and local businesses.
    Please join us for some fresh air and get to know more of our beloved City.

    Theme 1: Reading on the Road
    Upon our invitation, writers Liu Ke-xiang, Wang Hoyi, Li Wei-wen and several local historians in the City will serve as guides of several informative day trips. They will take us to the streets in Pingxi, township of Sanxia, the wetlands in Wugu and the likes. We invite you to join us in these unique places, even if you’ve been to them before. With our knowledgeable guides, our activities will open your eyes to new discoveries.

    Theme 2: Reading with the Insiders
    Local businessmen and historians will join us from Banqiao’s Wenchang Street, Wulai’s indigenous settlements and signature shops in Taishan to share the insider’s experience in running a business, and being part of the cultural promotion programs. Their story
    will give us a new insight into our local communities. Don’t miss these incredible opportunities.MRT Orange Line and get off at Yongan Market Station.

    Theme 3: Reading as a family
    We invite you to team up with your family in exploring built heritage, natural environment, food, historic streets, agricultural activities and life culture. We have also set up a wide range of exciting experiential activities. Join us for a taste of local flavor.

    Theme 4: Reading the locals
    New Taipei City Library has since launched a “Local Knowledge Repository” in seven branches throughout Pingxi, Luzhou Chang’an, Xinzhuang Zhonggang, Shiding, Shulin, Sanxia and Yingge. We exhibit historical records, books, audiovisual material and old images based on the local history and development.

    Why not pay our branch libraries a visit to learn more about our distinctive communities? Our “travel with book” activity series will incorporate exhibitions of local history material. Through visiting places in books, with coaching from celebrated experts, we hope our readers can learn and experience in person the unique local culture and living memory.
    These activities will connect you with the local community, be mesmerized by the creativity sprang from the old and new, and be charmed by the rich flavors across New Taipei City. Secret wonders are hidden in all corners in our daily life! Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are committed to creating a healthy and safe environment. We will take precaution and provide facial masks and hand sanitizer, as well as taking participant’s temperature upon entry. We will also be giving souvenirs away. Do make time to come and see us.

    Travel with a Book in New Taipei City
    Now Until 10/31
    New Taipei City Library
    139, Guixing Rd. Banqiao District, New Taipei City


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