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  • Indigenous Rituals - Taiwanese Indigenous Annual Ritual Exhibition

    They are Mangayau of the Baian Tribe, Mayasvi of the Tsou Tribe, Illisin of the Amis Tribe, and Mgay Bari of the Truku Tribe. Underlying these rituals are the profound cultural tradition and worldview, all of which convey the value and meaning of the intangible cultural asset.

    Date Now Until 09/15
    Venue Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology

    No. 200, Museum Road, Bali District, New Taipei City

    09:30-17:00 (Closed on the first Monday of each month)
    MRT → Tamsui MRT Station → Ferry → Shuttle Bus Red No. 13 Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology; or Ferry → Shuttle Bus Red No. 22, Bus No. 704 → Ren'ai

  • The symphony of fabric

    Amongst the Taiwanese indigenous communities, the Atayal people are known for their weaving skills. Their traditional costumes are mostly woven with ramie, then interwoven with colored wool or with shell decoration. The costumes includes top, vest, kerchief, skirt and headdress. Colors vary from region to region.

    Date Now
    Venue Wulai Atayal Museum New Taipei City

    No. 12, Wulai St., Wulai Dist., New Taipei City

    Take the MRT Xindian Line to the last stop at Xindian Station, transfer to Sindian Bus No. 849 and get off at Wulai, the terminal station.

  • 2019 Yue Lai in new Taipei- Chinese Romance in the garden

    The Garden This Chinese Valentine’s Day, the Lin Family Mansion and Garden is yer in another mission with the Xia-Hai City God Temple, and expand the route of Gods Procession in August 3. On that day, a wide range of traditional cultural activities are available. You will be able to taste the Xiao Pan pineapple cake through our checkin activity, and to walk around the Garden in traditional costume. Don’t miss out!

    Date 08/03-08/11
    Venue he Lin Family Mansion and Garden

    No. 9, Ximen Street, Banqiao District, New Taipei City

    09:00-17:00 (Closed on the first Monday of each month)
    Take Banqiao Line (Blue line) to Fuzhong MRT Station, and leave by Exit 1. The Garden is an 8-minute walk from the station.

  • Contemporary German Animation Masterpiece

    In collaboration with German Institute for Animated Film (DIAF), Fuzhong 15 is proud to present a series of international masterpieces through its partnership with "Palme d'or de Cannes Short Films" and "Top 100 Global Animation Films."

    Date Now Until11/24
    Venue Fuzhong 15

    No 15, Fuzhong Road, Banqiao District, New Taipei City

    09:00-18:00 (Closed on the first Monday of each month)
    Taking MRT Line 5 to Fuzhong Station, Exit via Exit No 2. The Gallery is located
    approximately 40 meters at the rear of the Exit. Alternatively, exit MRT station via Exit 1, turn right at the rear of the Gate, cross the Road and proceed straight ahead. Approximately 3 minutes to the Gallery.

  • Greetings in the year of pig- international Arts Exhibition

    We are here to acknowledge the intelligence, cuteness, and delightfulness of piglets In the year of Boar, we adore the cuteness and intelligence of the piglets. The artists celebrate the great fortune brought by boars through their masterful brushstrokes. This exhibition comprises a wide variety of ink paintings as . This is a tour de force of artistic technique and artistry. You will not be disappointed.

    Date 08/21-09/09
    Venue New Taipei City Arts Center

    No. 62, Zhuangjing Rd., Banqiao Dist., New Taipei City

    09:00-17:00(Closed on the first Monday of each month)
    Take the MRT Bannan Line (Blue Line) and get off at Xinpu Station, turn right after exit from exit 4. Get across the street, walk straight until reaching the Lane182, Sec.2, Wenhua Raod and turn right. Continue walking along the way for about 3 minutes before you arrive.


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