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  • 2019 New Taipei City Spring Festival Cultural Day Trip

    New Taipei City Museum Family & Cultural Organizations
    Spring is the perfect season for daytrips, and spring festival signals a new beginning. The holiday is perfect reconnecting with our loved ones and sharing the joy. At this time of the year, every museums and galleries affiliated with New Taipei City brings us a series of “Spring Festival Cultural Day Trip”activities to mark the holidays.
    2019 is the year of Boar. New Taipei City’s cultural organizations will launch innovative interactive activities, creative handcraft workshops and performances starting from the second half of January onwards. The organizers include: the Yingge Ceramics Museum, Shihsanhang Museum, Tamsui Heritage Museum, Pinling Tea Museum, Lin Family Mansion and Garden, Sanching Airforce First Village, 435 Cultural Center and the FZ 15 Gallery.
    Goodie bags, souvenirs and gifts will be available from the Second to the Sixth Days of the Spring Festival. The museum community under the New Taipei City Government wishes to celebrate with you in this Spring Festival, and send you our new year’s greetings.
    In addition, the New Taipei City Government will host the Calligraphy and Spring Couplet activity, to usher in the luck of the Year of Boar. The venues of the Spring Festival activities will extend to the Sanchong Airforce First Village, which will be officially open to the public. More surprise and souvenirs will be available for you there!
    Due to the restriction of venue, bookings are required for some of the programs. For more details please visit the New Taipei City Cultural Affairs Bureau website at https//

  • Behind the Silver Screen – A Special Exhibition on Taiwanese Virtuoso Filmmakers

    Now Until 03/03
    Gallery spaces on levels 3,4 and 5
    Master craftsmen are those who dedicate their entire professional life to the perfection of a single art from. Filmmaking is one such skill that requires wholehearted commitment behind the silver screen. As part of its seventh-year anniversary program, the FZ15 Animation and Story Gallery has launched the “Behind the Silver Screen: A Special Exhibition on Taiwanese Virtuoso Filmmakers.” The Exhibition will showcase artefacts and objects relating to the filmmakers, and the recreation of film studio setting. We invite all cinema aficionados and avid moviegoers to visit us, and pay homage to our master filmmakers.
    Banqiao Fuzhong 15
    BUS→Taking bus to Fuzhong Stop or Banciao District Office. Approximately 3 minutes to the Gallery.
    MRT→ Taking MRT Line 5 to Fuzhong Station, Exit via Exit No 2. The Gallery is located approximately 40 meters at the rear of the Exit. Alternatively, exit MRT station via Exit 1, turn right at the rear of the Gate, cross the Road and proceed straight ahead. Approximately 3 minutes to the Gallery.
    No 15, Fuzhong Road, Banqiao District, New Taipei City
    09:00-18:00 (Closed on the first Monday of each month)

  • Guided tours in the garden

    The Lin Family Mansion and Garden
    The Lin Family Mansion and Garden consists of a “garden” section, and a “mansion” that is formed by three grand terraces. Out of respect for one of the best-preserved historic monuments in Taiwan, dedicated volunteers of the Lin Family Mansion and Garden are committed to regaling visitors with lovingly curated tours, and bringing the past of the garden to modern times. The Mansion section is open to the public everyday expect Monday, and the Garden opens daily except pre-designated close days. Four tours are available per day, with an extra one on national holiday. Interested visitors are encouraged to book the tour by sending the booking form to “,” this is a feast for the aficionados of traditional architecture.
    Banqiao The Lin Family Mansion and Garden
    CAR→Take Heping West Rd. Sec. 3 in Taipei, over Huajiang Bridge and proceed along Wenhua Rd., turn right on Minquan Rd., then make a left turn. The Garden is next to the Banqiao Second Stodium.
    BUS→Take bus number 264,307,310,701,702 and alight at Lin Family Mansion and Garden stop to reach Banqiao’s Lin Family Mansion and Garden.
    MRT→Take Banqiao Line (Blue line) to Fuzhong MRT Station, and leave by Exit 1. The Garden is an 8-minute walk from the station.
    No. 9, Ximen Street, Banqiao District, New Taipei City
    09:00-17:00 (Closed on the first Monday of each month)

  • 2018 Taiwan International Ceramics Biennale

    Now Until 03/03
    3F Gallery
    One of the four largest ceramics biennales in the world, the Taiwan Ceramics Biennale is curated by a Taiwanese for the first time in 2018. The curator is the internationally renowned ceramic artist Shao Ting-ju. Featured are 43 artists from ten nations: Taiwan, the US, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, Belgium and China. Their 80 artworks explore the links between creativity and the changing times. Taiwanese pioneers in the art community are joined by expert ceramists from abroad. We have also gathered some interesting loans from other major Asian museums. This year’s events are more engaging and appealing than ever.
    Yingge New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum
    CAR→Exit Sanying Interchange on National Highway No. 3, pass over Sanying Bridge (in the Yingge direction), and proceed along Wenhua Rd. to public parking lot.
    BUS→Take Taipei Bus No. 702, No. 917, No. 851, No. 981; or take a Taoyuan Bus Co.bus to Yingge.
    TRAIN→Take a commuter train to Yingge train station, the museum is a 10-minute walk from the Wenhua Rd. exit.
    No. 200, Wenhua Road, Yingge District, New Taipei City
    09:30-17:00 (Closed on the first Monday of each month)

  • Indigenous Rituals – Taiwanese Indigenous Annual Ritual Exhibition

    Now Until 06/23
    Gallery 1
    Rituals make up the core of the Taiwanese Indigenous culture. A priceless cultural asset, rituals represent every stage of - and serve as – a vital vessel that carries on the indigenous lifeline. This exhibition follows the four seasons and presents four pertinent rituals. They are Mangayau of the Baian Tribe, Mayasvi of the Tsou Tribe, Illisin of the Amis Tribe, and Mgay Bari of the Truku Tribe. Underlying these rituals are the profound cultural tradition and worldview, all of which convey the value and meaning of the intangible cultural asset.
    Bali Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology, New Taipei City
    CAR→No. 15 Provincial Highway: Guandu Bridge No. 15 Provincial Hwy proceed towards Bali(Longmi Road)→Zhonghua Road→Wenchang Road→Museum Rd.→Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology.
    MRT→Tamsui MRT Station→Ferry→Shuttle Bus Red No. 13 Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology; or Ferry→Shuttle Bus Red No. 22, Bus No. 704→Ren'ai Rd→Walk 5 minutes→Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology.
    No. 200, Museum Road, Bali District, New Taipei City
    09:30-17:00 (Closed on the first Monday of each month)


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