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  • 2018 New Taipei City─Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival

    Venue:New Taipei City Pingxi Sky Lantern Square

    “New Taipei City Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival,” celebrating its 20th year in 2018, is now becoming a marquee event of the annual Lantern Festival. We sincerely invite you to take a daytrip to Pingxi, enjoy time spent with your family and friends, and set off the sky lanterns with us.

    Pingxi Lantern Festival: a celebratory carnival
    The sky lantern custom evolved from a traditional Lunar New Year event in the Pingxi region to a festival of international repute . It now attracts countless visitors each year. It is rated, alongside Oktoberfest and Culture of Brazil, as one of the 14 festivals to attend “before you die.” Moreover, it is one of the festivals that retains the regional character of Taiwan. The festival has different theme each year, aiming to bring the ultimate thrill of flying lanterns to its visitors.

    The Unique Charm of Pingxi
    The Pingxi Old Town is a popular tourist destination and deeply loved by domestic and international visitors alike. Its centerpiece attraction is mountainous scenery along the Pingxi Line, a railway that still offers a glimpse the glory of the olden days, and on the unique cultural landscape of its old street shopping district. The beauty of Shi-fen Fall, which is nicknamed “Niagara Fall of Taiwan,” has mesmerized numerous visitors. Near the Fall are the Ling Jiao and Wang Gu Railway Stations. The unique natural beauty and historical sites make Pingxi equally enjoyable in its day and night, as they allow one to experience the beauty of mountainside and historic railway during the day, and enjoy the internationally renowned Sky Lantern Festival at night.

    New Taipei City Pingxi Sky Lantern Square
    MRT--> Shuttle bus to Pingxi departs from MRT Muzha Station, MRT Wenhu Line.

    New Taipei City Municipal Museums─2018 Spring Festival Activity Calendar
    Date: January 30 onwards
    Venue: All public museums operated by the New Taipei City Government

    In getting you ready for 2018, museums operated by the New Taipei City Government will jointly launch a Spring Festival Activity Calendar filled with things to do and events to see, giving you a memorable start to kick of the Year of the Dog.

    A Fun-filled Museum experience in the Year of The Barking Dog
    Yingge Ceramics Museum will reopen on February 17, the second day of the Chinese New Year. The first 168 visitors of the Museum will receive a limited-edition ceramic souvenir. Shisanghang Museum of Archaeology aims to bring good wishes to visitors during its reopening, and will give away a Spring Festival memo paper set per admission ticket. The Gold Museum welcomes all old friends for a return visit. By showing the admission ticket from your last visit, or an old photo from your collection, visitors will be given a special, limited-edition Year of the Dog souvenir, February 17 to 19 will be an ideal time to take a stroll in the Tamsui Heritage Museum and the Customs Quay. By liking the Museum’s Facebook Page and uploading a photo of you and your dog, visitors will be eligible to win a pack of treats for your pet. The Pinglin Tea Museum will be serving delicious and exquisite dog-shaped gelatin deserts. FZ 15 Animation and Story Gallery has planned an adventure to fight off the monster ‘Nian’. Visitors will be able to redeem a ‘nian’ monster handcraft set from the Gallery’s first floor with their adventure card. For more information, please visit the official pages of the New Taipei City Cultural Affairs Bureau or each museums.

  • A New Beginning-the 2018 Lin Family Garden Spring Festival Activity Calendar

    Date: 02/03-03/04
    Venue: The Lin Family Mansion and Garden

    Architectural structure and landscaping in the Chinese-style gardens, apart from serving practical purposes, also have to blend with the nearby water features, rocks and plants. For the buildings are not to be intrusive to the beauty of the garden. They have to be both a part of the garden, and to accentuate the idyllic beauty of its landscape. Make time to enjoy the intrinsic elegance of Chinese-style garden at the Lins’ family mansion and gardens in your next visit!

    CAR-->Take Heping West Rd. Sec. 3 in Taipei, over Huajiang Bridge and proceed along Wenhua Rd., turn right on Minquan Rd., then make a left turn. The Garden is next to the Banqiao Second Stodium.
    BUS-->Take bus number 264,307,310,701,702 and alight at Lin Family Mansion and Garden stop to reach Banqiao’s Lin Family Mansion and Garden
    MRT-->Take Banqiao Line (Blue line) to Fuzhong MRT Station, and leave by Exit 1. The Garden is an 8-minute walk from the station.

  • Ceramic journey : Solo Exhibition of Shu-Lin Wu

    Date: Now Until 03/11
    Venue: B1 Ceramics Hallway, New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum

    As a Taiwanese contemporary jewellery artist with European experiences, Shu-Lin Wu's jewellery underlines her orient/occident crossing cultural perception. To her, jewellery is a language without words. It is the object involves history and culture. It bridges a person from a touch of skin to the rest of the world. Therefore, her jewellery talks for her. It communicates her personal traveling experience and private life stories to viewers.

    CAR-->Exit Sanying Interchange on National Highway No. 3, pass over Sanying Bridge (in the Yingge direction), and proceed along Wenhua Rd. to public parking lot.
    BUS-->Take Taipei Bus No. 702, No. 917, No. 851, No. 981; or take a Taoyuan Bus Co.bus to Yingge.
    TRAIN-->Take a commuter train to Yingge train station, the museum is a 10-minute walk from the Wenhua Rd. exit.

  • Classical Sixty—Shihsanhang Heritage Site Exhibition

    Date: Now Until 06/18
    Venue: Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology, New Taipei City Government

    This year marks the sixtieth anniversary of the naming of the Shihsanhang archeological site. In this historical moment, we bring to you an exhibition that documents the story of humanism and the site’s preservation. This exhibition serves as a witness to the evolving attitudes toward and development of heritage preservation and technique in the past 60 years, which marked the beginning of inter-connectedness between archaeology and public debates in Taiwan.

    CAR-->No. 15 Provincial Highway: Guandu Bridge No. 15 Provincial Hwy proceed towards Bali(Longmi Road) → Zhonghua Road → Wenchang Road → Museum Rd. → Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology
    MRT-->Tamsui MRT Station → Ferry → Shuttle Bus Red No. 13 Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology; or Ferry → Shuttle Bus Red No. 22, Bus No. 704 → Ren'ai Rd → Walk 5 minutes→ Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology.

  • Atayal Culture and Art

    Venue : Wulai Atayal Museum, New Taipei City

    Atayal tribal culture has no script, with history traditionally passed on by woven patterns. The materials traditionally used in crafts were local bamboo, wood and rattan. Most objects created were for everyday use, exemplifying the practical, down to earth nature of the people.

    CAR -->
    1.From Taipei: Taipei→Roosevelt Rd.→Beixin Rd.→Beiyi Rd.→Xinwu Rd.→Wulai
    2.From Yilan: Yilan→Beiyi Rd.→Xinwu Rd.→Wulai
    BUS--> Take Xindian Bus No.849 : Qingdao East Rd.→ Roosevelt Rd.→Xindian City→Quchi →Wulai Main Station
    MRT --> Xindian Line: Go to Xindian Station→then take a Xindian Bus No.849 (Taipei -Wulai route)→ Get off at Wulai Main Station


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