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  • 2017 New Taipei City Christmasland

    Date: Now Until 2018/01/01
    Venue: New Taipei City Hall Citizen Plaza、Banqiao Station Square
    New Taipei City Christmasland, which is popular with both visitors and locals every winter, is now celebrating its seventh year. ” Throughout the years, New Taipei City has constantly updated the festival’s programs and infrastructure, and is committed to bringing endless delight to the audience. Last year, the international light sculpture festival, a collaboration between New Taipei City Government and a top Singaporean light sculpture team, received critical acclaim from both domestic and international visitors. The team is set to break the record this year. With the Cutting-edge and marvelous technology, the light sculpture will expand to the elevations of Banqiao Railway Station building, and bring to you more marvels and wonders.
    Circus Theme Park
    The 2017 New Taipei City Christmasland will turn the entire precinct into a circus. The design will incorporate fantasy, enjoyment, warmth, surprise and other elements into the light sculpture, entertainment facilities and bazaar designs. Visitors will find themselves in the European-style Christmas Market in the Theme Park. Special souvenirs will be sold exclusively in the bazaar.
    2017 New Taipei City Christmasland Program
    Date Time Festival Program Venue
    11/24 ( Fir ) 17:20-18:30 Opening Night New Taipei City Hall Citizen Plaza
    11/25-11/26 14:00-20:00 Children’s Festival Banqiao Station Square
    11/25-11/26 14:00-20:00 Christmas Treasure Trove with Recycled Materials New Taipei City Hall Citizen Plaza
    12/02( Sat ) 08:00-20:00 Listen to the local study of the New Gospel Mission New Taipei City Hall Citizen Plaza
    12/03( Sun ) 10:00-20:00 Let’s have fun with Ke-Bao and Ke-Niu New Taipei City Hall Citizen Plaza
    12/08-12/10 11:00-21:00 Christmas Bazaar New Taipei City Hall Citizen Plaza
    12/15-12/17 18:00-22:00 Christmas Concert New Taipei City Hall Citizen Plaza
    12/23-12/24 14:00-18:00 Food-Sharing Christmas Banqiao Station Square
    12/23 ( Sat ) 19:30-21:30 Folklore Concert New Taipei City Hall Citizen Plaza
    12/24( Sun ) 13:00-21:30 New Taipei City Holy Night New Taipei City Hall Citizen Plaza
    New Taipei City Hall Citizen Plaza
    MRT--> Please take the Blue Line to Banqiao Station exit No.2.
    Banqiao Station Square
    MRT--> Please take the Blue Line to Banqiao Station exit No.3.

  • Collecting Light—2017 New Taipei City Public Art Exhibition

    Date: 12/16-2018/01/14
    Venue: Tamsui Customs Wharf
    The Tamsui Customs Wharf Park, which opposites Fort San Domingo, is basked in the softness of ambient lighting at night. It has recently become a popular rendezvous destination for couples in love. Here, the lovebirds stroll hand-in-hand and enjoy the beauty of sunset, immortalizing and Instagramming their romantic moment with their cameras.
    Romantic Ambience along the Bank of Tamsui River
    As the sunset splashes halos the surface of Tamsui River with its glorious farewell, the Park’s grass areas and places surronding the sampans are quietly lit. This visual effect, echoed by the twinkles of stars as the sampans glide along the River, turns the area into a much-loved selfie spot for many lovebirds.
    Candlelight available
    LED candlelight can be borrowed from the Visitor Center. You can use the lights to piece together your favorite patterns in any corner of the park, to outline the moment of your happiness, which will serve as a witness to the deep love between you and your better half. Once you upload a photo of your candlelight creation to the social media, you would receive a colorful candlelight from our Visitor Center.

    Light Installation Arts Exhibition
    In December, the Park will be graced by two pieces of installation artworks; “Crystal City’ by Wu Jicong and “Project: Installing Twilight” by Zhuang Zhiwei. These pieces of artwork promise to create a different landscape with innovative lighting technique, drawing the audience to the park basked in wintry romance for warmth, to compose your own lover’s concerto.
    Displays Not To Be
    Tamsui Customs Wharf
    MRT --> MRT Tamsui station is the terminal station. Once you arrive, you can take buses R26, 857 or 836 to Tamsui Customs Wharf.

  • The Enchanting Chinese Gardens

    Venue: The Lin Family Mansion and Garden

    Architectural structure and landscaping in the Chinese-style gardens, apart from serving practical purposes, also have to blend with the nearby water features, rocks and plants. For the buildings are not to be intrusive to the beauty of the garden. They have to be both a part of the garden, and to accentuate the idyllic beauty of its landscape. Make time to enjoy the intrinsic elegance of Chinese-style garden at the Lins’ family mansion and gardens in your next visit!

    CAR-->Take Heping West Rd. Sec. 3 in Taipei, over Huajiang Bridge and proceed along Wenhua Rd., turn right on Minquan Rd., then make a left turn. The Garden is next to the Banqiao Second Stodium.

    BUS-->Take bus number 264,307,310,701,702 and alight at Lin Family Mansion and Garden stop to reach Banqiao’s Lin Family Mansion and Garden

    MRT-->Take Banqiao Line (Blue line) to Fuzhong MRT Station, and leave by Exit 1. The Garden is an 8-minute walk from the station.

  • The Taiwan Ceramics Awards 2017

    Date: Now until 2018/01/14
    Venue: Special Exhibition Rooms

    The Taiwan Ceramics Awards selected 2 for the Creative Awards, "Running Script in Ink" by Chen, Chih-chiang is a tea ware set with celadon glaze and elements of Chinese calligraphy, blending into tea ceremony and showing the serenity, simplicity, and modesty aesthetics of Song Dynasty. "It Says" by Ding, You-yu is with 5 pieces in the form of functional vessels, yet is brimming with ideas beyond its form.

    CAR-->Exit Sanying Interchange on National Highway No. 3, pass over Sanying Bridge (in the Yingge direction), and proceed along Wenhua Rd. to public parking lot.

    BUS-->Take Taipei Bus No. 702, No. 917, No. 851, No. 981; or take a Taoyuan Bus Co.bus to Yingge.
    TRAIN-->Take a commuter train to Yingge train station, the museum is a 10-minute walk from the Wenhua Rd. exit.

  • Dig Deep!

    Date: Now Until 12/31, Saturday-Sunday, 11:00、16:00
    Venue: Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology, New Taipei City Government

    When visiting Shihsanhang Museum, you definitely have to get your hand dirty! Try your hands at excavating“pottery jigsaws” from the sandpit! Our museum guides will tell you about the purposes of various tools, as well as digging and measuring methods. Simply pair up in the Museum and get involved! Gifts are available for those who complete all assigned tasks!

    CAR-->No. 15 Provincial Highway: Guandu Bridge No. 15 Provincial Hwy proceed towards Bali(Longmi Road) → Zhonghua Road → Wenchang Road → Museum Rd. → Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology

    MRT-->Tamsui MRT Station → Ferry → Shuttle Bus Red No. 13 Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology; or Ferry → Shuttle Bus Red No. 22, Bus No. 704 → Ren'ai Rd → Walk 5 minutes→ Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology.


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