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  • Atayal Culture and Art

    Venue : Wulai Atayal Museum, New Taipei City

    Atayal tribal culture has no script, with history traditionally passed on by woven patterns. The materials traditionally used in crafts were local bamboo, wood and rattan. Most objects created were for everyday use, exemplifying the practical, down to earth nature of the people.

    CAR -->
    1.From Taipei: Taipei→Roosevelt Rd.→Beixin Rd.→Beiyi Rd.→Xinwu Rd.→Wulai
    2.From Yilan: Yilan→Beiyi Rd.→Xinwu Rd.→Wulai

    BUS--> Take Xindian Bus No.849 : Qingdao East Rd.→ Roosevelt Rd.→Xindian City→Quchi →Wulai Main Station

    MRT --> Xindian Line: Go to Xindian Station→then take a Xindian Bus No.849 (Taipei -Wulai route)→ Get off at Wulai Main Station

  • Those Fleeting Years in Jinguashi Mine:The 120 Anniversary Exhibition

    Date: Now Until 2018/02/25
    Venue: Gold Museum, New Taipei City Government/Jinguashi Quanji Temple

    The legendary Jinguashi Goldmine marks its 120th Anniversary this year. This exhibition consists of two narratives, “Reclamation History” and “Mountain Village Memories” through which the development and evolvement of the Goldmine could be understood on the basis of historical events and memory of everyday life. The exhibition offers visitors a panoramic understanding of the historic and humanistic significance of Taiwanese goldmines from different angles.

    1.Taipei-Jinguashi: Taking bus route 1062 at the Exit 2 of Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT Station via Jiufen and get off at Jinguashi.
    2.Keelung- Jinguashi: Taking bus route 788 at Keelung Railway Station via Ruifang, Jiufen and get off at Jinguashi Station.

    TRAIN--> Taking Eastern Main Line in Taipei towards Yilan, Hualian direction and transiting at Ruifang , please take Keelung bus route 1062, 788 at the Land Office next to the Police Station to Jinguashi.

  • The Colorful Pastels- The 77 Retrospect Pastel Exhibition of Jack Liang

    Date: Now Until 11/12
    Venue: New Taipei City Hakka Museum/Art Gallery

    The vivid colors and malleability make pastels a popular choice amongst beginner painters and professional artists alike.Mr Liang’s works have frequented international exhibitions of reputed arts organizations throughout the USA.

    BUS--> Take Taipei Bus No. 702, No. 851, No. 917, No. 981, or take a Taoyuan Bus No. 5005

    TRAIN--> Take a commuter train to Yingge station, then take Taipei Bus No. 981, No. 851 or Taoyuan Bus No. 5005

    MRT --> get off at Yongning station (Blue line), then take Taipei Bus No. 917, No. 981 get off at Dingpu station (Blue line), then take Taipei Bus No. 981

  • Tea within Tea- Tea Packaging Exhibition

    Date: Now until 2018/06/03
    Venue: Pinglin Tea Museum of New Taipei City/B1 Display area

    The "Tea within Tea- Tea Packaging Exhibition" displays the evolution and development of tea packaging, and it’s storage in the East and West throughout the ages. The exhibition is a comprehensive introduction and analysis of the history, style, function, aesthetics and marketing of tea packaging. The beauty in the packaging is also a representation of the cultural shift throughout different eras.

    CAR-->From Xindian or Yilan, take Provincial Highway No. 9, then take the Taipei-Yilan Highway or National Freeway No. 5 to reach the Museum.

    From Jingmei, take County Highway No. 106 past Muzha, Shenkeng, and Shiding. Continue onto County Highway No. 106B. Exit for Kuolai and continue onto the Industrial Road towards Pinglin.

    MRT--> Take the MRT to Xindian Station. Transfer onto the Xindian Bus Service, and take the 923 or Green 12 (G12). Get off at the stop for Pinglin Tourist Information Center (Pinglin Junior High School). The Museum is a 5-minute walk away.

  • Holiday Destinations with a Cultural and Artsy Twist

    Date: 10/01-10/31
    Venue: Tamsui Customs Wharf

    The Tamsui Customs Wharf is located opposite Fort San Domingo. It is noted for its panoramic view of the Tamsui River bank, and known as a secret spot for viewing the impeccable sunset. We would like to invite you to enjoy a relaxing holiday feel with us here by being part of the cultural activities in the park, enjoying freestyle landscape sketching with the art supplies available there, or by kicking back in a pleasant picnic on the lush grass.

    Tamsui Customs Wharf
    MRT --> MRT Tamsui station is the terminal station. Once you arrive, you can take buses R26,857 or 836 to Tamsui Plaza.


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