Teahouse at the Dawn—Digital Interactive Exploration Space

Venue: Pinglin Tea Museum of New Taipei City

The Digital Interactive Exploration Space is inspired by the classical text “the Classic of Tea” and combines both AR and VR technologies to transform the art and knowledge of tea-making into an animation-filled interactive space. Visitors get to digitally experience a wide range of tea-making processes, including tea-plucking, pan firing, rolling and roasting as well as designing their very own tea cans. The exhibition will provide profound knowledge of tea whilst allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in the digital interactive learning environment.

CAR-->From Xindian or Yilan, take Provincial Highway No. 9, then take the Taipei-Yilan Highway or National Freeway No. 5 to reach the Museum.
From Jingmei, take County Highway No. 106 past Muzha, Shenkeng, and Shiding. Continue onto County Highway No. 106B. Exit for Kuolai and continue onto the Industrial Road towards Pinglin.
MRT--> Take the MRT to Xindian Station. Transfer onto the Xindian Bus Service, and take the 923 or Green 12 (G12). Get off at the stop for Pinglin Tourist Information Center (Pinglin Junior High School). The Museum is a 5-minute walk away.







自動車--> 新店または宜蘭から省道台9 号線を通り、北宜線または国道5 号に入ると到着します。景美からは106 線で木柵、深坑、石碇106 乙線道を通り、闊瀨から坪林行きの産業道路に入れば到着します。

MRT --> 新店駅で下車し、923 または緑12 の新店客運バスに乗り換えて坪林観光センター(坪林中学)駅で下車、徒歩約5 分で到着します。


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