The Intoxicating Fragrance of Poetry in Blossom:New Taipei City Contemporary Poetry Exhibition

Date: Now until 11/30
Venue: National Museum of Taiwan Literature, Qidong Poetry Salon

New Taipei City’s rich natural and cultural landscapes have inspired numerous poets to pen down their thoughts in poetic cadence. “The Intoxicating Fragrance of the Poetry in Blossom: New Taipei City Contemporary Poetry Exhibition,” a collaborative project by the National Museum of Taiwan Literature, Qidong Poetry Salon and the Cultural Affairs Department, New Taipei City, will present the creative trajectory of the New Taipei City poets to the audience.
The Intoxicating Fragrance of Poetry in Blossom
This exhibition focuses on poets who hold household registration in, have been long term residents of, or were born in, New Taipei City. The curators have identified the diverse styles and literary journey of several generations of poets, whose works radiate a distinct New Taipei City flavor. This exhibition cohort of poets comes from three generations, including “Muses born in fire- Before 1945”, “The baby boom that witnessed the transformation of the land -1946-60” and “Slowly into a world of Flowery Spring. 1961-80s.” In total, these three categories cover the works of 62 poets.

The exhibition tracks the Taiwanese societal makeup of different historical stages, as well as the change of its socioeconomic structure and the relationship between various ethnic groups. During these periods, poets with varied and rich styles interact in New Taipei City, and make the City’s poetry unique and special. These poets have grown and matured with Taiwan’s developmental stratosphere, and have been through several historical stages of war, exile, the era of rapid economic growth, from oppressive political environment to an open, democratic society. The exhibition gives the audience a glimpse at New Taipei City’s poetic talents, and shows the developmental track of Taiwanese literature.

Displays Not To Be
Apart from the exhibition, we have created a poetry interactive wall, from which you can choose and take home with you your favorite era, poet and his or her poem.

National Museum of Taiwan Literature, Qidong Poetry Salon
MRT--> Zhonghe-Xinlu Line, exist via Zhongxiao-Xinsheng (BL 14) Exit No 6. Turn right and then straight along Jinan Rd.










MRT -->中和蘆洲線に乗車し、忠孝新生駅で下車。6番出口を右へ進み、済南路二段に沿って直進すると到着。


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