“Barkley the Cat” Exhibition

Date: 03/17-04/22
Venue: Fuzhong 15 – New Taipei City Animation and Story Gallery

“Barkley the Cat,” a locally-produced Taiwanese animation TV series, has taken home Taiwan’s Golden Bell Best Animation Award and Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival Jury’s Special Award. The series have aired in 33 countries. Audiences everywhere find Barkley’s witticism and shrewdness disarmingly delightful, and this has prompted its director, Chiu Liwei, to embark on the grand project of turning the series into a feature movie.

Exploring the Animation Production
The adaptation of turning “Barkley the Cat” into a cinematic production took six years, and this exhibition aims at bringing the behind-scene footage to its audience. It will showcase the black and white sketches on the storyboard created during the preliminary stage of character development, and the subsequent colored plates of the two-dimensional animation figures. As part of the filmmaking process, Chiu Liwei has taken time to conduct comprehensive research on the buildings, contemporary life and culture of Tainan. The building models, which were created as a result of the research, will also be in display. They will reconnect our audience with this historic Taiwanese city.

Relationship between Human and Animals Revisited
Chiu remembers that, back to his childhood, his parents once rescued a little white dog from the street. The memory generated further thoughts on animals’ need to live in - and adapt to - an anthropocentric society, in which young animals grow to comply with human rules. On the contrary, how would a human child deal with the situation if he or she were plunged into a community of animals? The thoughts led the director to create a Tainan City in which animals are member citizens. This fantasy animated movie, which took a Trans-Strait team more than two years to complete, explores the themes of love and courage, and the relationship between humans and animals.

Fuzhong 15-New Taipei City Animation and Story Gallery
MRT--> Take the Bannan MRT Line to Fuzhong Station and leave the station at Exit No. 2, then turn back right and walk straight for 40 meters.










MRT -->板南線より、府中駅下車。2 号出口より、右後方に向かって約40 メートル徒歩。


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